Episode Zero: What is this mind re-framing nonsense, Sara?

Hi! I’m Sara and I am a voice actress in Los Angeles, and though not completely related to my day job- I have become pretty skilled in reframing my brain away from negativity and toward positivity.

Now, you guys, I totally understand how brutal the internet space is and how people love to complain and throw shade at everything from behind their screens. So let me just say- I am not trying to solve all the world’s problems in this one blog/podcast. And listening to me and doing the exercises I recommend will not solve all the world’s problems. And yes, I understand that different people resonate with different approaches. This is just simply an approach I have that has worked for me personally and has made me an infinitely happier and healthier person. And I just want to share that. Cool? Cool.

Why did I decide to record this (or write this down if you are reading it blog-style)?

In addition to the voice over work I do, I also teach VO classes in LA and I find myself giving mini inspirational talks to my students every class- about confidence and failure and going for it- so I figured I might as well broaden the audience.

Also, I can’t go any further without sending some love and eternal gratitude to my manifestation hero and dear friend Brenda Shiekh. Please look her up at www.brendashiekh.com and then hire her to speak at an event and follow her blog/instagram feed @brendashiekh so you can enjoy this brilliant woman, mom, and most inspiring and greatest human around. Brenda is my empowerment partner and we are constantly dreaming up ways to pass along our experience to empower a new crop of folks. So huge thanks to Brenda. Without her, I wouldn’t have done this.

Now, full disclosure, I have not always handled myself the way I carry myself now. I’ve let experiences crush me in the past. Like really destroy me. But what I learned from that is, you get nothing out of letting yourself be crushed. You just get a lot of sadness. And you annoy the hell out of your friends, and in some cases, you lose friends. And that really sucks. I’m also not perfect at it all the time even now. I still have moments that I dip. But I can get myself out faster now. And I try not to beat myself up when it happens. The most important lesson I learned from my disappointments and failures is, YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR REACTION. You don’t have to be crushed, you don’t have to let the sadness take over, your response is your choice and yours alone. It’s not easy work, and it for sure doesn’t happen overnight, but slowly, making the tiniest effort everyday, you can train your brain to operate in a healthier manner. And that’s what I want to share. I want to share the tiniest little daily efforts I made that changed the way my brain works forever.

So I’ve put together ideas to focus your mind on- one a day for 30 days. Maybe we’ll go for longer, who knows. Let’s see how the first 30 days goes first. Just one idea per day to focus on. So listen/read in the morning, and each morning, I’ll give you an idea to focus on that day, and then just keep it rolling around in your head all day. I’m not asking for you to keep the one from the day before and add the idea for the next day to it. Just One-A-Day. You can forget the previous idea from the day before if you want after you do it for that day! (But I’m guessing you won’t forget it…;) See cause that’s how brain re-framing works. Subtle changes, make a lifetime of impact. So let’s do this, huh?! I’m excited for you.

Sara Cravens