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Sara is a Voiceover Instructor at the prestigious Kalmenson & Kalmenson.

Sara is also available for:

  • Private Coaching
  • Audition Coaching 
  • Demo Prep/Directing
  • And runs a workout group

Sara is available for demo production and private coaching

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Sara Cravens is one of the best voice over coaches I’ve ever had. She’s one of those guides who can inspire your interpretations with just a word or a phase, and her direction will take your performance to new levels. All the while she’s an approachable and engaging leader.
— Court Loeffler
I never knew if Sara was having a good day or bad day before class began because she always brought the same positive energy to each and every class. She never “took a class off” and always taught, encouraged, answered questions and was checked in the whole time. I learned so much and left with a lot more confidence than I started with. She made the class about the students and not about the teacher.
— Adam Lamb
Sara Cravens is a wonderful teacher who creates a safe space to learn and grow. Her humor makes challenging situations turn into joyful celebrations. She is a delight to work with. I have taken many classes in many areas and going to her class was something that I always looked forward to doing. She gives a lot of wonderful information in a way that is both fun and powerful. I highly recommend her as a teacher.
— Deborah McMahon
Sara is not only a professional, but also an amazing teacher and mentor to her students. She is able to create a positive learning environment, which allows her students to explore, feel comfortable, and grow no matter the level of their career. Her energy fills the room and promotes creativity for the art of voiceover. One of the best teachers hands down in the business.
— Christopher G. Masucci
Sara puts her incredible vocal talents and industry experience to work for you. Her effusive, humorous personality is equally charming as it is integral to her directing/teaching abilities. I enjoyed class and highly recommend her instruction!
— Chris Merryman
Sara is a fantastic teacher and I learned so much in my class at Kalmenson and Kalmenson. Within the first class, we were taught “the method” so we were ready to get down to business. Over the next five weeks, Sara expertly guided us through different challenges. She helped me find my signatures, but also helped me push beyond my comfort zone and try new things. And my favorite part of having her as a teacher is how supportive she is. She always applauded my courage to try!
— Kelly Schumann