improve your Communication ebook



What will you learn?

Brenda & Sara have put together exercises for listening, focus, teamwork, saying yes, imagination, embracing your emotions, trusting your body, and gaining healthy self-confidence.


Brenda Shiekh & Sara Cravens

Brenda & Sara are pals who want the world to be better. Communication is key for all relationships. So this mom of 11 (Brenda) and voice actor/instructor (Sara) joined forces to create a fun, easy-to-digest book with exercises that improve communication, listening skills, and enhance confidence.   

And because they believe so much in the value of the world being better communicators and listeners, you can get their book for the mere price of a cup-a-joe :)

Brenda is an amazing human and you can learn more about her and her keynote speaking HERE

Sara is available to lead your group in these exercises online if you are outside of LA. Holler at Sara HERE


Who is this book for?

EVERYONE! For real, can't we all be better communicators? Of course we can. And while Brenda and Sara used Brenda's kids as their participants in these communication exercises, our eBook isn't just for kids. Adults can learn something too! Parents, teachers, team leaders, counselors, retreat leaders, monkey wranglers, etc etc etc can all benefit from utilizing the exercises outlined in this ebook.